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Our clinical research training programs have supported over 22,000 members in the past 7 years. CCRPS clinical research courses are used by students at 1,200+ organizations, 6 governmental agenies, and 308 universities. Graduates of our clinical research certification have worked at over 1,600 different organizations including all major known CROs and 23% of our graduates have obtained managerial or higher level roles (2024 CCRPS LinkedIn Graduate Survey). We offer personalized clinical research career coaching after clinical research course completion. See April 2024 Graduate Case Studies. 

We have major clinical research training accreditations including Transcelerate Biopharma, ACCRE, and offer CME for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists through AMA, ANCC, and ACPE. We are a candidate to become a federally-qualified institution with MSA-CESS. 

We are dedicated to our evidence-based and practice-based education philosophy to help you learn clinical research through simply great content unlike what you may have seen before. Clinical research training is self-paced, online, on-demand so you can start today and finish on the go with our mobile app. Speak to our 24/7 chat team or book with a course advisor to see which path is best for you. 

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CCRPS Graduate Case Studies April 2024

We’re thrilled to share more graduate case studies from graduates of our program. We value full transparency so full case study transcripts and videos will be available at your request. Please email our case study interviewer Courtney Fulkerson, a clinical research project manager herself, at [email protected] if you have any questions about this process.   

Need help deciding on a course or motivating yourself to finish your current course? We want to help you succeed. Speak with our course advisor in clinical research field herself, Liz. Schedule course and career advising session today (email [email protected] your resume before meeting). 

1. From IMG to Clinical Research Coordinator at Columbia University: “This course not only met but exceeded my expectations with its thorough curriculum and insightful modules.” -Lisa-Pierre (view full case study)

2. From IMG to Clinical Research Coordinator “The hands-on activities integrated throughout the course really helped solidify my understanding of complex concepts.” -Unber Mahmood (case study summary)

3. Promoted to Senior Startup Specialist in Clinical Trials: “I appreciate how the course was structured—very interactive and engaging from start to finish.” -Justin Scott Brathwaite (transcript summary)

 4. From Physical Therapist to Clinical Researcher: “The in-depth content and expert instructors provided me with invaluable insights into the field.” - Celia Moon (case study summary)

5. ICH GCP Usability Confidence:  “Thanks to this course, I feel more competent and confident in my role.” - Stephanie (case study summary)

6. Enjoyed Clinical Research Training through Examples “The real-world examples used throughout the course were incredibly useful for applying theory to practice.” -Marta Marszalek(view full case study)

7. From Clinical Research Receptionist to Certified Study Coordinator with CCRPS: “I highly recommend this course for its comprehensive approach and practical applications.”  - Katie Decker(view full case study

8. From International CRC to U.S. Lead CRC and CRA: “The flexible online format allowed me to balance my studies with my professional commitments seamlessly.” - Aishwarya Sukumar (view full case study)

9. Learning to Lead Safety Associate: "The course materials were clear, well-organized, and directly applicable to my work.” - Renata Noronha (view full case study)

10. From IMG to securing roles as a CRC, CRA, and now a project manager: “Joining this course was a pivotal step in my career advancement.” - Dr. Vrushali Borawak (view full case study)

11. From Physician to Confident Drug Safety Specialist: “The course provided a robust foundation in the field, which was critical for my professional development.” -Rabiea Bilal (view full case study)

12. From plant biologist to clinical recruitment administrative coordinator: “This program is a gateway to extensive knowledge and skills in a supportive learning environment.” -Olajumoke Owati (view full case study)

13. From International PV Roles To North American Market Success: “The detailed modules prepared me excellently for real-world applications.” - John Vinil (view full case study)

14. From Educational Research to Clinical Trials Project Manager:  “I was able to immediately apply what I learned in the course to my job.” - Rose Hyson (view full case study)

15. From Masters in Health Safety to Clinical Researcher: " I will say quality of delivery, quality of the materials.  - Ossai Opene (view full case study)

16. ICH GCP made her more confident in research: "this course just overall did a really good job going in depth, which I feel like wasn't just, it wasn't just covered just for the sake of covering content" - Aastha Shah (view full transcript)

17.  From Grant Program Manager to Leading Clinical Trials at UCSF "it really did a great job of the full scope of clinical research from start to finish. Since completing the course, I've received a promotion at work."  -Hannah Fischer (view HF clinical research training case study)

18. From Clinical Research Intern to Regulatory Affairs Associate at UPenn: "I would say since then. I've completed this course. It's helped me get my job in regulatory affairs at a clinical research site." - Scott Boyle (view SB full case study)

19. From Clinical Research Monitor to Chief Medical Officer for CRO: "And CCRPS has a a complete, you have a really, really good approach to that. Because that is what we offer to our sponsors, quality and safety, because we are all physicians." - Maria Lopez (full case study report pending)

18. From International Pharmacist to Pharmacovigilance: The pharmacist detailed challenges becoming a pharmacist in the US and choosing CCRPS for flexibility. Certification benefits were gaining clarity on research topics and standing out for clinical research roles. - Ijeoma Osunwa  (full case study report pending)