Clinical Research Coordinator Certification

Advanced Clinical Research Coordinator Certification (ACRCC)™

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Clinical Research Coordinator

Increase your job prospects with clinical research coordinator training

Do you hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in science? Do you also have two years of clinical work experience? If so, then it’s time to advance your career as a Clinical Research coordinator with advanced certification. Become a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) with our 100-module course, available for completion in as little as two weeks. We provide internationally accredited certification that helps you secure your new career.
Clinical Research Coordinator Course

Why Choose CCRPS for Clinical Research Coordinator Certification Training?

We are considered by many to have the most detailed clinical research coordinator certification training course. Our on-demand clinical research courses are uniquely designed to work with your busy schedule while giving you access to the highest quality CRC course in the industry.
CRC training

The most advanced certification for entry-level to senior CRCs

CCRPS is the preferred choice for students and CROs because we exceed in advanced coverage of GCP guidelines through multiple examples, images, checklists, and detail-oriented coverage. The organizations that hire students with certifications from CCRPS trust their skills thanks to our thorough CRC training. Whether you’re a student seeking certification or an organization looking to train your staff, CCRPS certifications are the right choice.

Industry Leading Training. Competitive Pricing.

  • Triple Accredited & Comprehensive

    The quality of your certification matters. That’s why we use a triple-accredited and comprehensive training process. That comprehensive process involves creating courses that are far more detailed and offer tons of real-world examples to give you hands-on training. Inside each module, you’ll also find detailed checklists, templates, and instant pacing. To put it simply, you won’t find a better Clinical Research Coordinator Course anywhere else.

  • Stay Compliant with Updated GCP Guidelines

    Compliance matters. That’s why our course is updated bi-annually and stays 100% compliant with updated GCP guidelines. Fully accredited and compliant with FDA CFR 21, ICH GCP, Subject Confidentiality, Informed Consent, HIPAA, Human Subjects Protection, and so much more you can confidently choose our training modules for complete compliance with GCP guidelines.

  • What’s Included In Our Clinical Research Coordinator Course

    Dive into the exciting and interesting world of Clinical Research Coordination with our in-depth course module. Each aspect of our course is designed to cultivate essential skills and knowledge to help you become an exceptional Clinical Research Coordinator. Interested in learning about how to build a proper financial plan to help run efficient trials? You’ll learn how to do this and so much with our CRC Certification course.

CRC Course Curriculum

Jumpstart or advance your career with a comprehensive CRC Certification from our team. Get noticed by employers with an international Certification and prove your skills. Get started today.

  • 100 in-depth modules covering virtually every aspect required of successful CRCs.

  • Conveniently available online for remote learning

  • Comprehensive quizzes and a final certification exam to test your competency as a CRC.

  • No extra fees for exams and retakes are available for any grade above 70%